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Welcome to
Pearl Hearing Aid Centre and Clinic

Welcome to
Pearl Hearing Aid Centre and Clinic

Welcome to
Pearl Hearing Aid Centre and Clinic

Welcome to
Pearl Hearing Aid Centre and Clinic

Welcome to
Pearl Hearing Aid Centre and Clinic


Welcome to Pearl Hearing Aid Centre and Clinic

Pearl Hearing Aid Centre and Clinic is a premium Audiology organization established in 1978 to provide remedial service to hearing impaired persons for the last 41 years, and has turned indispensable gaining faith of hundreds of ear patients being the oldest Hearing Care Centre in South Kolkata. Extensive research and competent faculties are further improving the quality of service or prominently "quality of hearing" incessantly being provided both in terms of care and concern. Time and again, it offers the newest and less obtrusive specifications for better communication skills and cognitive function. At a glance Pearl Hearing Aid Clinic is going a long way towards improving hearing capacities and lives. Highly technical, well equipped and with state of the art infrastructural facilities, the centre is blooming with all its efficient work-pull to stand as the pioneer. The centre, right from its very inception, has devoted itself to ensure a phenomenal and sustainable remedy towards hearing problem of all its patients togenerate motivated service aimed at bringing in relief and reducing tension. In fact, our respondents are the best alternatives to prove the legacy.

The clinic provides a comprehensive approach to hearing health care services for patients of all ages. Our physicians are amongst the finest and most highly trained audiologists. Our team of licensed and certified Audiologists works with other physicians also, if required to provide the highest quality patient care. Our clinicians have used profound clinical strategies and technologies to enable those with hearing loss to gain access to voiced and environmental sound. Armed with the latest technology to amplify sounds of speech with ear-level devices, Pearl Clinic employed a multidisciplinary approach to early onset hearing loss along with on-going diagnosis and constantly working to eradicate the stigma associated with hearing loss and raise public awareness about the need for prevention, treatment and regular hearing screenings throughout life.

Our Clinical Specialties Include

  • The biggest hearing dispensation unit in South Kolkata.
  • Ultra-modern warehousing unit in South Kolkata.
  • Competitive prices & streamlined processes.
  • Highly skilled and experienced Audiologists.
  • Special care for Pediatric patients
  • Occupational hearing screenings and custom hearing protections
  • Senior citizen benefits.
  • After sales service.
  • Combination of mobility with technology
  • Fast and accurate comprehensive reporting etc

We are strictly determined to carry on our legacy for long years to come. Here is a small specification… It is an electro acoustic apparatus designed for modulation and amplification of sound waves to a certain geometrical degree to the listener which typically fits in or behind the wearer's ear and is thus the reason for the audibility of a person with hearing impairment in an effective manner. (A combination of microphone, which picks up sound waves and converts them into electronic signals, loudspeaker which reconverts the amplified signals into sounds and amplifier which increases the loudness of the signal which all adds up in this.) During the hearing aid evaluation, an audiologist takes extreme care and discusses communication problems what a patient is experiencing, styles of hearing aids available and technology options that may be appropriate for that patient and their hearing loss. We at our clinic offer a gamut of high definition digital hearing aids with high quality sound processing and amplification capabilities. A right piece for every single ear administered by audiologist so that it is worth its name and services both. So, now onwards just search for the most versatile one! One can have a huge bunch to select from depending on the preference of wearing area. Primarily there are five types of hearing aids:

Pearl Hearing Aid Center and Clinic

Behind The Ear [BTE]

BTE is one of the most commonly used set today in the market which consist of a case, a tube and an ear-mould, which is fitted behind the ear, a sound tube that goes down to the ear for amplified sound to complete its whole procedure. The plastic made case fitting behind the pinna (ear), which couples the amplification system. The tube is used to route the sound from the hearing aid case to the ear mould. Coming in various designs, colors and water resistant property which is a durable piece, that cater to patients from mild to profound loss category. One may also go with the latest MINI-BTE or ("on-the-ear") aids technology. Comparatively small that may have a comfortable ear piece for insertion or may also be used as a traditional ear mould. This allows reducing occlusion in the ear canal and is of great comfort for aesthetic point of views too.

Pearl Hearing Aid Center and Clinic
In The Ear [ITE]

Customized to fit in the outer ear bowl called the concha, it is a device very easy to adjust. Accessing control with this is of much comfort for mild audio impairment persons. ITE hearing aids can be connected wirelessly to FM systems also.

Pearl Hearing Aid Center and Clinic
In The Canal [ITC]

Placed at the external auditory canal, these aids are smaller, filling only the bottom half of the ear. These are intended where loss equals or extends beyond severe loss. The shell is custom made after taking the mould, resulting for a comfortable fit.

Pearl Hearing Aid Center and Clinic
Completely In The Canal [CIC]

Virtually undetectable, as the name depicts, this instrument is almost invisible and fills only the bottom half of the external ear. It fits further to the ear canal and goes downwards towards the eardrum. It is suited for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss as these are generally not recommended for people with lower frequency hearing range, as the sensation of blockage is much more perceivable. MIC and CIC aids are generally not visible unless the viewer looks directly into the wearer's ear.

Pearl Hearing Aid Center and Clinic

This unique product might look like BTE but the striking difference is that, the receiver is placed inside the ear canal and the acoustic tube is replaced by a thin electrical wire. RIC give a distortion free effect compared to BTE's as the receiver is right in the ear canal. This provides arguably smoother sound as the amplified output of the hearing aid does not need to be pushed through the acoustic tube to get there, and is therefore free of all distortion. Again for majority of people this is one of the most cosmetically acceptable hearing device types. These are suited to "open fit" technology so they can be fitted without plugging up the ear, offering relief from blockage sensation.

Pearl Hearing Aid Center and Clinic
Invisible-in-canal [IIC]

Invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aids are the smallest custom hearing aids available. They are designed and sculptured to fit entirely inside your ear canal (external auditory meatus) and are therefore almost, if not completely, invisible. Extraction cords are usually fitted to IIC hearing aids to help insert and remove them from the ear

Pearl Hearing Aid Center and Clinic

Accessories expand the versatility of Pearl Hearing Aids to a great extent. Say hi to affordable, stylish, premium digital hearing aids with a view from the Audiologist's desk to determine the products and accompanying features of your hearing needs. Our modern collection includes fully automatic digital algorithms that adapt to the user's environment, directional processing, other adjustment bands and much


Speech-language-swallow therapy

It is a specialized technique in which individuals with speech disorder are trailed to overcome or improve speech and language defect over a period of time. It may include physical exercises to strengthen the muscles used in speech i.e. oral-motor work or sound production practice to improve articulation pitch, fluency and volume and focuses on receptive language and is the corrective or rehabilitative treatment of physical and cognitive deficits resulting in difficulty with verbal communication. This particular training is different for children, adults and older people.

Audiological Test

Pure Tone Audiomentry: Pure tone audiometry involves the use of pure tone to find out the hearing threshold of a person across the varioua yest frequencies in both the ears.

Tymapnometry: This test specializes in checking the mobility of the tympanic membrane along with the outer and middle ear function.

Special Test: Few Tests done along with audiometry to find out the cochlear/retrocochlear pathologies, speech thresholds and like.


Vestibular Function test as the name suggests, test the origin of the balance problem through the measurement of the rapid eye movements called

Electrophysiological tests

These tests are specialized and are not objective.
These involve BERA which is an auditory evoked potential extracted from ongoing electrical activity in the brain and recorded by electrodes that are placed on the scalp. This requires children to be under sleep and for adults being inactive. Read More....

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